We all know Stacey Dash isn’t afraid to go in on President Obama, but her latest outburst caught many Fox News viewers off guard.

During a segment on Outnumbered, Dash and her co-hosts slammed the president for Sunday’s speech to the nation on the fight against terrorism. While President Obama attempted to assure the country we would “overcome” the Islamic State and the threats facing out country, Dash and her cohorts weren’t buying it.

“It’s ridiculous,” Dash said. “His speech was an epic fail. It was like when you have to go to dinner with your parents, but you have a party to go to afterwards, that’s what it felt like.”

Dash was so worked up she dropped an expletive on live TV.

“I did not feel any better. I didn’t feel any passion from him…” she said. “I felt like he could give a shit– excuse me, like he could care less.”


Fox New censors were able to mute part of the word, but Dash’s slip remained.

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