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Steve Harvey had one job at the end of last night’s Miss Universe and that was to announce the winner. Pretty simple, ya think?

Well not for Harvey.

As Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo, took her winner’s walk down the aisle. She basically got her crown snatched.

Then Harvey walked up to Arevalo and had to tell her she was actually the first runner-up. It was Miss Philippines who should have been crowned.

According to Harvey’s SnapChat story, the teleprompter was the one in the wrong.

Harvey did issue an apology, twice, because the first one had typos:

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Let’s try that apology one more time:

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  • Zorino

    I was never a Steve Harvey’s fan.

    Didn’t like when he made idiotic comments about atheists, slavery, and his dating advice.

    Damn, this is embarrassing! One question, though why do we still have these Miss and Beauty Pageant competitions in the 21st Century. I know we all like to viewed as attractive, good-looking and stuff but I don’t get why we still have these shows.

  • Sher

    this may be harsh but… I could care less about Steve or this incident. frankly, Steve is a clown to me and I’m not only over his attempts to make black women the blame for every wrong ever done to them but also, I’m highly over the way he panders to white people and kisses their collective asses. this incident should be the wake up call he needs to have a true come-to-Jesus moment but… with his inflated sense of self…we know it won’t. I just wonder…I see all of these black folk going hard for him. where are all the white folk he idolizes? why have they not been out here on twitter or IG backing him up? oh yeah…they don’t care. smh

  • dogfish

    i cant stand sorry a little part of me was secretly happy that this happened…i know i know wrong right….LOL!….im sick of seeing him anyway