Teyana Taylor gave birth to her baby girl Iman Taylor Shumpert Jr just seven days ago and apparently, her abs are already gearing up for the comeback of the year. The 25 year old R&B singer posted a photo on Instagram of her post baby body and folks are rubbing their eyes, scratching their heads and dragging their calculators out in shock.

“Dear Baby Iman… Thank you for this snap back in 6 days,” she captioned a black and white photo in her Victoria Secret underwear. “I love you my darling. Lol #AintNoGymBih #StillGotALongWayToGoButImGettingThere.”

“Not knowing I was in labor until I felt her head…it took two ten count pushes with my fiancé playing Dr and she entered this world into his bare hands,” she captioned a photo of the baby girl shortly after delivering her on the bathroom floor. “Eyes full of tears and barely able to speak to the emergency operator @imanshumpert tied a pair of red headphones around the umbilical cord and the ambulance made their grand entrance 5 min later.”

Congrats to Teyana and major shouts out to her forthcoming six pack.

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  • Mahogany

    Now this is crazy. Going to the gym now

  • niknik

    Puts cookies down. Just kidding. They’re delicious. But, it’s awesome that she was able to bounce back so quickly.

    • BillipPhailey

      With professionals -including a nanny – you can too.

      Not even a week old and her “focus” has returned….Smdh

    • Ang

      At the risk of being called a hater, I really wish women would just enjoy the time with the new baby rather than stressing about snapping back (I hate that phrase) and looking for compliments online. It’s bad enough Hollywood and the media acts like its a sin for women to actually look like they had a baby. But we don’t have to play into it also.

    • mds29

      Yes she looks great! Sugar is my problem but I am happy that I am starting to learn how to avoid it and not need it to feel good.

    • RaiseTheBar


      SUGAR can be a DRUG addiction DIS-ease.

      This may be beneficial to you and others:

      1) ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar: 1 tablespoon to 1-2 tablespoons of water. I recommend Bragg. It can be purchased both on-line and from some neighborhood supermarkets.


      ACV will balance your entire inner body system.

      2) Remove Sugar and sugar laden products (Candy, Cookies, Cake, ice cream, sugary beverages) from your environment. In 7 days there will be a noticeable difference. The goal is WHOLE Well-Being. Weight reduction may be a result of the body’s Physical well-being.

      3) I recommend drinking WATER if not solely then the majority of the time. Sipping hot or cold lemon water is a refreshing change of pace.

      4) Journal your EXPERIENCE.

      At a local Walgreens there was a sign for consumers stating that in addition to home meds for children, we consumers can now have prescription meds at a child’s SCHOOL.

      Ummmm, Hell NOOOOOOOO. Closely monitor children’s SUGAR in-take. Those so-called breakfast cereals are mostly SUGAR. Whatever EMOTIONS children may experience will be amplified if they are hopped up on SUGAR = DRUGGED. So called behavioral challenges could easily be a need for dietary modifications. Medical/Pharma won’t tell us consumers this because it will dramatically reduce their profit$$$$$$$$$$.

    • mds29

      Thanks for the tips RaiseTheBar. I will try the ACV even though I hate the smell. Writing a journal will help me too because it will allow me look at what and how much sugar I am eating. My coworkers are the worst. They always bring in desserts but I take it in front of them but throw the dessert away when they are not looking!

    • RaiseTheBar

      “…I take it in front of them but throw the dessert away when they are not looking!”

      GREAT Strategy! Eliminates Wordy Discussions and/or Debates.

      It’s understandable re: the smell. Try 1 gulp down, then quickly rinsing your mouth out with water to get rid of any lingering after taste.

      Also, want to SHARE this:

      This labeling and medicating bipolar (manic/depression), Let’s 1st monitor and modify individuals dietary lifestyles.

    • mds29

      Thanks again for the tips RaiseTheBar. I drank 2 spoons of acv with water…not bad. That’s is exactly what I am trying to do, modify my dietary lifestyle. I do not want diabetes or high blood pressure.

    • RaiseTheBar

      “…do, modify my dietary lifestyle.”

      EXCELLENCE ! ! !


      My maternal and paternal diabetic family histories with medications and amputations courtesy of Medical and Pharma padding their bank accounts by not dispelling the misconception that it’s the result of genetics when it is the result of Behavior (lifestyle) is the Wake-Up Call from the UNIVERSE, I want to SHARE with others.

    • mds29

      I thought I was going to die when I tried to go without sugar but I am ok. My taste buds changed and everything now is too sweet for me. You are 100% correct with behavioral lifestyle changes. I take it a day at a time because it is a process and a lifestyle. Thanks RaiseTheBar :)

    • RaiseTheBar

      mds29, that is AWESOME news! Thanks for sharing it.

      Stay MINDful, continue to take it one day at a time, continue to journal and ENJOY the process (Journey).

      Hey, it could be a CAREER in the making — HELPing others to avoid diabetes, high blood pressure and experience their WHOLE well-being the mds29 way :-)

    • mds29

      Thanks RaiseTheBar, you are such a positive person. There is so much information about being healthy that it can be overwhelming. I am still enjoying the process :-)

    • RaiseTheBar

      “…it can be overwhelming. I am still enjoying the process”

      YES, understandably so; I’m still in the life journey, still processing. Take it 1 step at a time. If it is working, continue; if not working for “YOOOUUUUU” make the necessary adjustments. Because it is YOUR journey, but still have-to-do Life Work, make it as enjoyable as possible.

      The “overwhelming” is “years”, “Generations” (a history, e.g., Diabetes, High Blood Pressure) of brain-washing, misconceptions, beliefs and values that have to be undone and replaced with a WHOLE, New, Better Foundation.

      YOU are EVOLVING; REJOICE and Give Yourself the Biggest, Bestest Hug Possible!!! SERIOUSLY!!! :-)

    • Kam Jam

      Great idea! I get so much slack for not eating like everyone else when I’m trying to watch my health :-/

    • mds29

      Kam Jam, continue to watch your health :). When you eat healthy people are watching and they try to eat healthy too.

    • RaiseTheBar

      tap, tap on shoulder:


      To get the real apple cider vinegar benefits, get the raw variety which has the mother in it.

      What is it?
      Apple cider vinegar with the mother is non-distilled and organic.

    • mds29

      Thanks RaiseTheBar, I am learning so much from you. :-)

  • I am not mad at her pic at all. :) Teyana Taylor is known for her sculpted abs. She is a master in exercising. Congratulations to Teyana and Iman. A child is a great blessing. Bless the couple.

    • True She has always had a bangin body.

    • I agree you Sister. Fitness and healthy eating are like some of the ways on how people can get a great physique. Her body is very beautiful indeed.

    • Goodnight Sister.

      Enjoy the Holiday Season. :)

  • FragranceObsessed

    Snapping back was the least of my worries after having my kids with all the pain I was in. Every woman is different. She looks great though.

  • OSHH

    When you are already in great shape before pregnancy snapping back should be a snap.