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We’ve talked a lot about race in America this year. Between the seemingly endless police shootings that have turned so many into hashtags and the subject of protest marches, and the increasingly polarized rhetoric, we’ve engaged in far more discussions about race and racism in 2015. However, the focus has been decidedly male.

Police brutality, mass incarceration, and profiling all affect Black women and girls and yet our experiences and perspectives are often lacking in discussions.

But things are changing.

As a part of the the New York Times short documentary series Op-Doc, featuring conversations on race, filmmakers trained their lens on a diverse group of Black women to get their take on “the negative emotional impact of racist attitudes on black women’s lives.”

Take a look.

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  • Noirluv45

    These narratives, that were so are so commonplace with Black women. The Daniel Holtzclaw trial is telling. The media doesn’t even have the decency to cover this cockroach’s trial. However, the Cosby accusers get ample media time simply because he’s Black and they are White.

  • The stories of this Sisters outline the injustices black women go through everyday. Black women go through multi-faceted forms of oppression from misogynoir, sexism in general, racism, discrimination, and other evils. The last part of the video sums the great point that women should find joy and happiness irrespective of the expectations of society. All people are entitled to the pursuit of happiness. Black girls and Black women are entitled to equality, respect, and justice. The courageous women in the video speaking their minds is inspirational. This video certainly must be seen by a wide spectrum of people and the women’s words will certainly inspire others in positive ways.

    • Noirluv45

      Truth, Black women are one of the only groups who don’t have a national platform where we can freely speak of our injustices. The LGBT community, immigrants, women, the disabled, etc. have forums where they speak of their injustices. Our forums, such as Clutch, youtube, and a few others give us a voice. I’m hoping, like you, that this video will be seen by a wide spectrum of people as well. If not, and if we don’t get the respect we deserve, we shall continue marching on like we always have.

    • I agree with you.

      It’s a shame when many people know more about European Kings during the Age of Absolutism than heroic black women who are standing up for justice. Therefore, giving these strong, beautiful black women a platform to tell their own stories is certainly great. Their stories matter just like all of our lives matter in this Universe (which is filled with scientific laws, creativity, DNA, and other entities). One thing about black women is that they are never scared. They are filled with honesty, humbleness, and strength. So, black women will continue to march, speak out, and stand up for what is right and just. I’m glad for Clutch and other forum that deal with issues that we care about. Black women do need a national platform as you have outlined.

    • Noirluv45

      Yes, indeed. ??

    • Good Evening Sister.

      Yes, you’re correct. Learning about black women heroines is a necessity.

    • Noirluv45

      Good evening, Truth. Brother, yes, it is a necessity now more than ever. This Holtzclaw trial is really bothering me.

    • We are disgusted with the lax media coverage of the Holtzclaw trial. Holtzclaw is scum (and a lot of other words that I can’t mention here. We know the words) and he should have a trial and be convicted. How dare he take advantage of black women for his perverted fetishes. This is why we talk about these issues. These issues are important and the voices of victims should be acknowledged and respected. Yes, you have every right to be disgusted at how our people are being mistreated. We have righteous indignation against evil. We want goodness to flourish and goodness is wanting Holtzclaw to have justice.

    • Noirluv45

      On point, Truth. I know those unspoken words you wanted to say, and I fully cosign with every one of them.

    • Thank you.

      We are honest and when one person harms our people, we are all under attack. Solidarity is a great concept for us to embrace.

    • Noirluv45

      Yes, solidarity is a great concept, and one that we need. I so appreciate it.

    • Amen Sister.

    • Den Un

      I hope you mean white members of the groups you selected. Straight, able bodied black women aren’t exactly pushing their wheelchair bound, lesbian sisters to the line of equality either.