Hidden South

Hidden South

Humans of New York has grown to be one of the most fascinating photo journals of individuals living in the Big Apple, so much so that the creator has since branched out to create other catalogs profiling various ethnic groups such as Syrian Americans, Iranians, Pakistanis, and more. Still, no one has successfully captured the life of southern Americans until now.

Well, actually, until last year. That’s when Brent Walker created the photo journal that “documents conversations with the unseen.” The Hidden South is essentially a treasure trove of stories of individuals like Erica who’s lived in the Ninth Ward all of her life and been shot in the mouth and the stomach, or Tiffany who fessed to having a bad attitude, mostly because of the anger she holds against her granddaddy who molested her or, Chesia, a Louisiana native who just found out she’s pregnant with her second child.

Shocking, gritty, and real, The Hidden South shares the stories of the marginalized poor many of us walk by every day and either don’t notice or ignore because they frighten us or don’t belong in our educated, middle class circles.

Walker has already compiled some of the stories he’s gathered into a book which he said is about “giving people an opportunity to tell their story.”

“It’s about freedom from secrets, and healing by sharing with others. It’s about being connected with other humans who are presumed to have little in common with us. It’s about seeing the people that we walk by every day for the first time,” he explained on his website. Walker plans to deliver the first shipment of pre-ordered books by January 15th, and will donate 10% of the proceeds from the book to Backstreet Arts, a nonprofit organization that helps save lives through art. To order your copy, click here.


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