The Wiz Live finally premieres tonight on NBC, and folks are excited. While we’ve been chronicling just about every single update about this latest adaptation of the classic musical, not everyone is as hype as we are.

Strangely, there’s a pocket of hurt white folks who are upset The Wiz Live has an all-Black cast. Some of them even went so far as to wonder what Black folks would think of there was an all-white Wiz (um, hello Wizard of Oz?). 

The ignorance is astounding. I mean, LOOK.

via Buzzfeed.

via Buzzfeed.

This tweet pretty much sums up our reaction.

Anyway, for all the trolls in the cheap seats, one enterprising guy by name “Leroy Jenkins” (aka the Blackest name ever) took to GoFundMe to raise a million dollars (ha!) to bring an all-white production of The Wiz to life.

Peep his ask:

It’s come to my attention that Black America thinks they take everything. They want a Black Jesus, Quinoa, Black Egyptians, and pumpkin spice. Well, I want an all White version of The Wiz. There’s an all white version of The Wizard of Oz ,but that isn’t the same thing. I want to direct it. The all white version must have soul and what better person to give it soul than a black man!!!!! Adele can be dorthy, Justin Timberlake can be the scarecrow, Macklemore can be the tinman, Sam smith can be the lion, and Iggy can be toto. The wizard can be bill nye, it fits. I’m still working out all the details but I need the funds to make this happen. Can you imagine Adele hitting the Quan to ease on down the road? It will be glorious!!!!! My fella black people we must stop trying to make everything our own. The next thing you know we’ll want more blacks in hollywood, equal rights, cabs to pick us up, people to stop stereotyping us, and equal pay. Let’s make this happen.


The real The Wiz Live remake, complete with folks we actually know and love like Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, and Stephanie Mills, premieres tonight on NBC.


Will you be watching?

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