Monday, a Cleveland grand jury decided not indict two police officers for the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice less than a week after we learned no one would be held accountable for the death of Sandra Bland. While both decisions were heartbreaking, they weren’t unexpected as the list of Black folks killed by police keep growing, but the number of officers charged for their deaths have not.

Justice has always been a precarious notion for Black people in America. Though the system purports itself to be blind, far too often our humanity has been questioned and our grievances dismissed under the crushing weight of racism and anti-Black violence.

Recently, Candace Almy perfectly illustrated the brutality Black victims of state violence have faced in her painting “To the lost souls of 2015.”


The searing image depicts the American flag riddled with bullets and hand painted on a Black woman’s back, and it’s perfect.


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