What do you get when you sit Don Lemon and Donald Trump in a room? You have Lemon asking those hard hitting questions, like, “Are you racist” and Trump emphatically denying it.

“I am the least racist person that you have ever met,” Trump told the CNN host. “I am the least racist person,” he stated.

“No, if things are true, if that were true, it would bother me tremendously, OK.  But of course, if you’re a racist, you probably wouldn’t care,” Trump said. “But if things are true, it would bother me. But if it’s—it’s so false, and honestly, I don’t hear it often. I don’t hear it often.”


 “Actually, let me go a step further. A poll was taken recently where as a Republican, which is unheard of, I had 25 percent of the black vote. So African-Americans, 25 percent for Trump,” he stated.

“A political pundit said, ‘Wow, if that’s true, the election is over, Trump wins.’ I think I’m going to win the African-American vote and I think I’m going to win the Hispanic vote.”

Lemon then asked Trump if he was Islamophobic. And of course the lie detector test determined that was a lie.

“I am a person who happens to be very smart, I happen to have a certain street sense, and I know where things are going,” Trump said, adding that he called for the U.S. to take out Osama bin Laden before 9/11.

Trump also said he’s unbothered by the criticism he’s received about his comments directed towards Muslims.

“I have to do what’s right.  We need a dialogue in this country and throughout the world.  We have a big problem,” Trump said. “And as you know, I have many friends who are Muslims. They’re phenomenal people. They are so happy at what I’m doing.”

“I was called by three people today, very big. They said, ‘You are doing a tremendous service, because unless people are going to be talking about it, it’s never going to be solved.'”

His psychosis runs deep.

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