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Comedian Franchesca Ramsey has a serious gift. While she’s absolutely hilarious, Ramsey uses her platform to educate viewers about not-so-funny topics like racism and sexism. So far, Ramsey has tackled everything from the gender pay gap and the problematic nature of saying, “All lives matter,” to why fetishizing mixed babies is straight up wrong. Now, Ramsey is taking on media double standards.

Last month, a day after Thanksgiving, a gunman killed three people and injured several others at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Despite the location of the attack and the anti-choice rhetoric that’s been happening in America, the media were slow to label the shooter as a terrorist, and many of the articles described Robert Dear as “quiet” and “gentle.”

Hearing this, Ramsey decided to bring “White Terrorist Bingo”–a meme that’s been passed around social media–to life to show just how differently white mass killers are treated in the media.

Take a look.

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