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In just under 36 hours, Gilbert Arenas has managed to become the Donald Trump of the NBA — sorry, make that the Chinese Basketball Association — by not only refusing to remove or apologize for his ridiculously offensive comments about women in the WNBA, but also continuing to talk sh-t on Instagram.

When Gilbert’s initial comments went viral, the WNBA issued a statement saying:

“Gilbert Arenas’ comments are repugnant, utterly disrespectful and flat-out wrong. WNBA players are strong, talented and determined individuals who give it their all on the court and serve as inspiring role models to millions around the world. They should be celebrated for their accomplishments, not disparages with ignorant insults.”

Instead of owning up to the disrespect, Gilbert took to Instagram to hurl more insults and correct one fallacy — he didn’t call anyone a lesbian. Because apparently all the other offensive stuff was okay.

Hahahahaha I didnt say anything about them being #Lesbians lol..im a logical man…a female+ a female = 4 breast,2 vaginas,2 asses,meaning im on the hunt.. A female telling me shes a #lesbian is like a video chick saying she aint a groupie…I AINT really listening to shit she saying..all im trying to do is convince her and her partner that im a #lesbianstarterkit becuz we all know two females is better then 1 lmaoooooo but that ugly part YEAHHHH they got some #boogawolfs in that league lmaooo hahahaha #impetty #mrpetty


Mr. Petty indeed. See, as if that post wasn’t enough, Gilbert went on to issue a personal eff u to people mad at his comments — so essentially the whole world — writing in another post:

To all the ppl mad about my POSTS #jackieM #aroundthehorn and bunch of high self esteem ugly chicks #FUCK YOU hahahahahaha I was trying to help ya sport But I guess yall are doing fine with #orangeisthenewblackbasketballedition #peoplehatethetruth what makes me laugh is if you ask men,name a few women basketball players.. we only know the cute ones lol #mayamoore #skylarD #leilani #candiceparker #penny #suebird #lisaleslie #swincash #dianataurasi #mariastepanova #brittneyjackson #dellavedova and #hoopz from #flavaoflove hahahahahaha

Isn’t it funny how Gilbert is talking like he’s still in the league and people actually know who he is? It’s also equally hilarious how for all that this-what-us-men-like talk, not a single man who values his life (or his mentions) has co-signed this sexist nonsense. What has happened, however, is women like former WNBBA champion Camille Little have come out to discredit every single thing he’s said about female basketball players being ugly. Yup Camille, we’re with you. #BeanPieDeez

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