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Des Moines Register

Ben Carson probably scarred a kid for life in Iowa on Thursday. The former surgeon and presidential hopeful asked students to pick out the worst student in class, according to a Des Moines Register reporter.

And guess what the students did? They pointed to that student.

Carson was speaking at Isaac Newton Christian School and asked, “Who’s the worst student?”

The kids didn’t give him a chance to say “just kidding,” and they quickly pointed to one boy. Carson tried to clean it up and say he also felt like the dumbest kid and it’s also something he mentioned in his book “Gifted Hands”.

After the assembly Carson me with the kid backstage to apologize and encouraged him to become a brain surgeon.

When asked by reporters if he was embarrassed about what happened or if his feelings were hurt, he said no.

The tweet below perfectly sums up what happened at the school:

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  • Rizzo

    ben ben ben … ben

  • Zorino

    Ben Carson tried to make a joke but failed miserably. I believe he had all the good intentions but he comes across as a socially inept person. Maybe he should refrain from telling jokes and instead get his point across without using analogies.

  • knight4444

    ben carson was a joke from day one! lets cut through the BULL$HIT , he serves two purposes ! to make all those LILY WHITE so called ‘christian’ right wingers buy his books! so he’ll make bank! NO.2, carson is the token boy that will say racist garbage that most caucasian republicans typically say behind closed doors! I’d call him a ‘uncle tom” but uncle tom wasn’t a suck up!