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Nate Parker’s tenacity as a Black actor and filmmaker is finally paying off handsomely in both accolades and dollars following the overwhelmingly positive reception his film, Birth of a Nation, received at the Sundance Film Festival. According to Variety, “Fox Searchlight is closing a $17.5 million deal to acquire worldwide rights to The Birth of a Nation, a drama about the 1831 slave rebellion led by Nat Turner.”

As excited as we are to see this story told on the big screen, we’re even more proud of what this film’s early success means. Parker, who not only stars as Turner in the film, also wrote, directed, and produced the project, meaning he invested his own money into the production, and is seeing a sweet payoff in a time where many are adamant about black men and women in film creating their own.

Variety reports The Weinstein Company, Netflix, Paramount, and Sony were all making offers on the film with Netflix reportedly being willing to offer up $20 million for the rights to the movie. Let this be a reminder that it is possible to tell our own stories, in our own voice, and with our own people, and achieve success.


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  • yoda

    Y’all really want us to see this movie don’t you??? I know Nat Turner’s story. We re enacted it in high school. But this just shows me that an actor who makes a film about slaves whether they are rebelling or not, will be sought after. Where’s the stories about what black people are doing now? Where’s the stories about us NOT struggling or not set in the past. I understand that this film is based on a real live person. So was 12 years a slave and you didn’t catch me watching that and I definitely won’t be watching this.

    • niknik

      Where are the stories about who we were before slavery?

    • bluelight74

      Ahhh, there’s the question. There is a reason why our stories before the Imperial Conquest are distorted, hidden or completely suppressed.

    • yoda

      I guess we gotta fund those movies ourselves, nik nik *sarcasm*

    • Ms. Vee

      The film is now owned by Rupert Murdoch…

  • barbaraebj

    Where is the date of publication on this story? I know this story is current, but I am increasingly bothered by the absence of a date of publication on stories put out by some sources.

  • First, many points must be made. We must learn about what happened to us before slavery such as the stories of the black Nubian man Taharqa, the black Nubian woman Amanitore, the leaders of the Songhai Empire, the ancient Zimbabwe civilization, etc. Yet, it is also important to know about the history of the slave rebellions too. Many people don’t know the real history of slavery. Many folks don’t know who Nat Turner was in fact. Slavery not just involve capitalistic exploitation. It involved war crimes done by white racists and black people leading rebellions to fight back against slavery. Also, slavery still exists against black people in Mauritania. The Haitian Revolution was a rebellion against slavery. In New York City in 1712, black people stood up against slavery. So, we need movies about Amanitore, Taharqa, the Haitian Revolution, etc. We need stories via films, documentaries, etc. shown about our current generation from the events of Ferguson and Baltimore, to the young activists fighting against police brutality racism, sexism, discrimination, and economic deprivation. We also need more films about the experiences of the Black African Diaspora.

    All of these historical stories matter. Nat Turner’s story was more than a story about slavery. It was about black people being fed up with tyranny and doing something about it. Nat Turner was from Southampton County and he was executed in Courtland,Virginia, which isn’t too far from Suffolk. All of these places are near the Nottoway River, which spreads in Southeastern Virginia. People have the right to look at the film or not. Likewise, we should be reminded of the past, so we won’t forget our legacy (Malcolm X always talked about us being educated on history) and we can build a better future. That is important.

  • rosegath

    And what of Nate Parker’s history of rape? Is that not important enough to include in these damn articles espousing his accomplishments?

  • Mary Burrell

    I hope it’s not sanitized and is raw and shows the revolutionary Nat Turner. Not something palatable to the sensibilities of whites.