In December, 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier was shot to death by a Chicago police officer, after he attempted to call 9-1-1 three times.

Now, in a horrible twist, the cop responsible for killing LeGrier is suing his ‘estate’?!?

Officer Robert Rialmo answered a domestic disturbance call in West Garfield Park and wound up shooting LeGrier and a neighbor, he says, because LeGrier attacked him.

Rialmo’s attorney Joel Brodsky said  that he’ll file a civil suit against LeGrier’s estate in a couple of weeks, citing emotional distress and assault.

Unbelievable. Emotional distress? Try telling that to the family of the dead 19-year-old.

Quintonio’s mother, Janet Cooksey, has since said publicly that her son, who was studying engineering, had mental health issues.

“He was a student, he worked hard, he cared about people,” she said.

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  • ronnieTX

    Wow. That cop is the lowest of the low. Unbelievable.

  • mdottwo

    How can a cop, who is a civil servant that is being paid by the city, sue an individual for damages he “incurred” while he was serving that individual as a agent of the city government? He was not an “individual citizen” when this incident occurred. He was acting as a member of a government sanctioned armed forces. He has no standing.

    • WhyNot?

      In a country run by criminals, he does have standing. the criminal injustice system is so corrupt, from top to bottom, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins and the families’ lawsuit gets thrown out of court..that’s how a$$ backwards this country is.

  • Rizzo

    Rialmo et al is showing the family of Quintonio LeGrier how they really feel and trying to pick up a little cash while doing so

  • Darkness901

    I’m already prepared for the backlash so here goes…I’m glad that Officers are starting to fight back. Not every fatal shooting is wrong or some type of conspiracy. Are there police officers shooting innocent people? Absolutely! But, that doesn’t mean every time an officer uses deadly force, it wasn’t justified.

    Example: Irving PD shot a man yesterday that robbed a cash store and took a woman hostage. There is camera footage of the entire incident, but someone will complain stating that there could have been another solution.

    Example 2: Memphis PD shot a male a few days ago that fired a gun at them first. The family is already stating the officers were wrong.

    Officers that are involved in shootings are met with negative attention before any facts are put out. The amount of blogs, tweets, open letters, interviews, etc that bash the officer/s involved is rediculous. Usually, it starts with the family. It seems like no one wants to admit that a family member did something wrong or have unrealistic expectations of the officer. I don’t think that a person with any form of intelligence will walk up to a person that is holding a gun (REAL OR NOT), knife, bat or any other deadly weapon and try to negotiate.

    Let me get back to the point. If a family or organization makes false accusations on any innocent person and that causes an individual emotional distress, I feel that restitution is warranted.

    One more example…The actor that who stated that officer harrassed her and her boyfriend. Yup! Total lie! But the officer was dragged all through the mud until the video came out. Every one was saying how she was mistreated and the officer was out to get her. It got really quiet after the investigation. That officer should have sued her into oblivion. I understand that this particular incident was not a deadly one but. It makes the point about false accusations.

  • CayaK

    Repulsive , so disrecpectful…