It’s been a minute since Chingy was a topic of conversation, but the Right Thurr rapper recently caught the ire of Twitter when he seemed to throw his support behind Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.


After folks caught wind of Chingy’s tweets, they started to wonder why anyone, especially a Black person, would support Trump given his racially offensive rhetoric.

Oh…and they also decided to have a little fun at Chingy’s expense.

After his name became a trending topic and he was dragged for filth by the good folks on Twitter, Chingy tried to walk back his Trump endorsement.

Umm…ok, bruh.

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  • Rizzo

    chingy is right on … the country is a business. he just forgot that the chattel slaves were responsible for this business and all this money, power and wealth he thinks donald can manage. right thurr is where he made this ‘slight’ error in judgement with the trump endorsement. i’ll just say he did not quite innerstand what he was saying in his fervor.

  • Issabella Flower

    I’m crying laughing from the responses, especially “I swore Chingy died. When did he undie?” and i don’t even know who that person is. I wonder he feels right now? I’m going to save this in case i’m feeling down. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Mr. Z

    I jus don’t innerstand…. its 2016… did his spellcheck die with his career???

  • lis

    ‘innerstand’…..’live of a celebrity’……This Negro is illiterate.