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Ciara drew some partially unwanted attention with the low-cut, cleavage baring dress she chose to wear to sing the National Anthem at the college football National Championship game yesterday evening. ESPN’s Bonnie Bernstein tweeted, “Dear Ciara. You’re stunning. But this is a National Championship Game. Kids are watching. Cover up.” Another former ESPNer, Jason Whitlock (), echoed Bernstein’s sentiments, calling the dress “inappropriate” and stating that the game was not the right venue for “nudity.”

Her boyfriend Russell Wilson however, was nothing short of a shining beacon of love and support tweeting, “I see you baby!! Sounded amazing & looked flawless in every way! @Ciara #NationalChampionship”

Check out Ciara’s version of the National Anthem and weigh in below on whether or not you think her dress was inappropriate for the event.

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  • Raze

    She’s singing the national anthem at a football championship. A game where people will sit and watch men pummel each other for an hour and a half (?). So kids have no problem watching men waltzing over another for a ball, but they’ll go into a state of shock when they see Ciara’s mesh covered boobies??
    Lord, these people have issues.

    • jess-s

      So say that kids are watching as an excuse is low. They see and hear much worse on these pop stars today…

  • Mr logical guy

    Why are black people shock by shit like this? Ohhh that’s right y’all think the white supremacist mindset has gone away like bees in the winter because we have a biracial president? Trump who’s a complete racist have millions of white supporters. But yet we’re shocked……silly billy

  • Mico

    While her outfit may have been revealing, like others have said, cheerleaders outfits are even more revealing, its college football not the NFL, she wasn’t nude, and seeing a womans shape/body is not the worst thing kids will see. I may be in the minority here but I honestly have no respect for the national anthem the pledge of allegiance or that flag and the only way I will even actively listen to it is to hear my Marvin and I also had a chance to hear Stevie’s version live where he blended the national anthem with the black national anthem. So from my perspective, the only way she may have been inappropriate was if cheerleaders were more covered up during games.

  • Sealinewuman

    Girl… Stick to dancing and studio work, you are NOT a real singer.

  • I actually thought she sounded weak but R Cycler is right. The cheerleaders show way more skin, and the cameras never miss a shot.