President Obama may be the most powerful man in the world, but there’s one thing he absolutely won’t do during his final year in office: speak at Malia’s high school graduation.

The 17-year-old is graduating from Washington D.C.’s prestigious Sidwell Friends School this spring and naturally the president was asked to speak. But there’s just one problem–he’d be way too emotional.

“Malia’s school asked if I wanted to speak at commencement and I said no,” he said during an event in Detroit. “I’m going to be wearing dark glasses … and I’m going to cry.”

This isn’t the first time President Obama got choked up thinking about Malia’s upcoming graduation. Back in September, he came down with a case of the sads recalling Malia’s first day of senior year.

41195a388d06bcd939199b72b2bfd8b1“Just yesterday, Malia started her first day of senior year. You know, I was sitting in her room because I was going to see her off her first day of school,” Obama said. “She puts her head on my shoulder and she says, ‘Daddy, you know, you realize this is probably going to be the last time that you ever send me off for my first day of school.'”

President Obama has often said he doesn’t look forward to his girls growing up and leaving the nest, so it seems like he’s in for a very emotional year.


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