We’re less than two weeks away from the Iowa Caucus and the first opportunity voters will have to weigh-in on who they think should be the next President of the United States. Despite nearly every pundits’ predictions, Donald Trump remains at the top of the Republican polls, and that’s made some folks very nervous.

Since entering the race, Trump has doubled down on his offensive rhetoric, calling undocumented immigrants rapists and killers and proposing a ban on all Muslim travelers to the U.S. He’s also taken shots at the GOP establishment, and argued that President Obama has ensured there won’t be another Black president “for generations” because “he’s done such a poor job.”

In light of Trump’s over-the-top comments that have inspired white supremacists to put in robocalls to potential voters to drum up support for his campaign, a new group is calling on all Americans to “dump Trump.”

Some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Kerry Washington, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton, and Jane Fonda have joined forces with activists like Angela Davis, Alicia Garza, and Kimberle Crenshaw to call Trump “a grave threat to democracy” and pledge they will speak out to make sure he’s not elected this November.

We believe Trump is a grave threat to democracy, freedom, human rights, equality, and the welfare of our country and all our people.

We have witnessed Trump inciting hatred against Muslims, immigrants, women, the disabled. We have seen him evidencing dangerous tendencies that threaten the bedrock of democracy: unleashing a lynch mob mentality against protestors, calling for the expulsion of Muslims from the country, bullying, and fear-mongering.

History has shown us what happens when people refuse to stand against hate-filled leaders.

We pledge ourselves to speak out in every way possible against the politics of hate and exclusion he represents.

The group is also asking all citizens to sign their names to the pledge to call out the Republican frontrunner “for his hatred, misogyny, Islamaphobia, and racism and to give platform for the voices of the silent majority of Americas who do not and will not stand for it.”

Head over to the #StopHateDrumpTrump website to see a comprehensive list of celeb signatures and learn more.

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  • Donald Trump is the total representation of bigotry in our generation. He is not only a racist. He is also a fascist, a sexist, and he wants the evil policy of banning any Muslim from traveling into America. He refuses to increase the minimum wage by even one cent. He wants to abolish the estate tax. He has insulted the disabled, immigrants, and his personal security detail has routinely beat up black, Latino, Muslim, and other protesters at his election rallies. Many of his supporters are overt white supremacists. The billionaire Donald Trump is not a populist. He’s a demagogue who has exploited many Americans’ fears as an excuse for him to express his vitriolic hate. Also, the hate from Trump is not some anomaly or an anachronism. This hate is very common among many people in American society. We know how the extremists have used coded language like “states’ rights,” “tough on crime,” and “big government” in trying to fight against the liberation movements of black people, the poor, women, other people of color, and other human beings. When Trump slandered the Central Park Five, then that shows his callous attitude towards innocent people. The truth is that the promotion the great concept of equal justice for all is our great strength.

    Yes, I signed the petition too.

    I will never be silent.

    • Adebisi’s Hat

      Well said, Brother Truth.

    • I appreciate your words Sister like always.

    • Adebisi’s Hat

      It truly is a pleasure to discuss issues that affect our lives as Black people with you and so many of the commenters here on Clutch. Thanks to all of you for expanding my horizons and challenging me.

  • TivoliEclipse


  • hon3y b33

    he makes the ugliest faces! and he’s ugly inside & out, just totally wrong for any leadership job within the free world.

  • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

    Can non-citizens sign?

    • dwntomars


  • drm

    Voting for someone who is divisive and promoting racism is a mistake; but voting for someone who is going just talk about improving race relations and then not back it up would be just as bad.