Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 1.15.06 PMPrepare to abandon more of what you thought you knew. According to experts, healthy food does not exist and we should stop labeling foods as healthy and unhealthy. Even our beloved kale salads cannot be considered as such. Kale is not healthy. Rather, it is nutritious. It may be delicious when prepared well and the kale itself while in the ground, may have been a healthy crop but kale, while packed with nutrients your body needs – would make you sick if it were the only food you ever consumed.

“Our food isn’t healthy. We are healthy. Our food is nutritious. I’m all about the words. Words are the key to giving people the tools they need to figure out what to eat. Everyone’s so confused,” says Roxanne Sukol, Preventive Medicine Specialist at the Cleveland Clinic and Medical Director of its Wellness Enterprise.

To sum it up, our food is not healthy. We will be healthy if we eat nutritious food. It’s all in the words, people. Now go forth and continue to embrace kale for everything it is.

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  • Anonin


    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser


    • LOL. I feel you Sister.

    • Mahogany

      Very misleading article.

    • jess-s

      im over here confused again

    • i mean

      My critical mind is telling me that this is in response to the many people who refuse to eat genetically modified food. “Healthy” means to be in good health or not diseased. A lot of people are totally skeptical of GMOs and how this country doesn’t label food that has been genetically modified. Many people (not me) believe that genetically modified foods are not good for you, therefore making it not “healthy.” But that’s just my critical mind talking, I don’t know anything.

  • So, the article is trying to say that there is a difference between healthy and nutritious. This is an interesting story. I understand what the health expert is coming from though. We have to eat a diversity of nutritious foods in order or us to be healthy as human beings.

    • i mean

      If you read the actual Washington Post article it is referring to the additives in food, and how it is prepared and stored.

    • Ok.

  • dwntomars

    I just- this is ridiculous.

    On another note, I just enjoyed a healthy ass salad. How ya’ll doing today?

  • Me

    Semantics. On a related note, I don’t care how healthy/nutritious kale is. That thing tastes like nature’s turd. I’m sticking with spinach.

    • jess-s

      try balancing it out with another strong flavor, like blended with citrus fruits or pan fried with red bell peppers and garlic

    • Me

      Thanks but no thanks. Kale will never be my friend, and I’m ok with that.