Myeisha McDaniels’ family is still in disbelief. The promising 22-year-old had recently graduated from Dillard University, only to have her life come to a tragic end shortly after 2016 began. Now, McDaniels’ family is left to wonder why someone took her life.

“I’m begging y’all to come forward, please lord Jesus this has got to stop, please Jesus y’all have got to stop,” McDaniels’ mother, Shirleen Jefferson told reporters.

According to her family, McDaniels was a straight-A student who had dreams of putting her biology degree to use and becoming a brain surgeon.

“This is a good person who dedicated her life to school, to saving lives, not for someone to take her life,” McDaniels’ sister, Tyeshia, said.

“I come from a good foundation, we used to be the four musketeers. Now we’re the three musketeers and I don’t have my sister so whoever did this, look what you done tore up,” Tyeshia added.

McDaniels died of a gunshot wound on Saturday. She was scheduled to begin a new job in the health field on Tuesday, and was researching medical schools.

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New Orleans Police and McDaniels’ family are asking for anyone with information about her death to call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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