It looks like the rumored and legendary rivalry between Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle will be moving to a new playground: the grocery store.

After Ms. Patti’s sweet potato pies lit the Internet on fire, it seems like Auntie Aretha wants some of the action too.

In a recent interview with Detroit’s Local 4 News Today to discuss her offer to put some residents of Flint in hotels as state and city officials scramble to deal with the water crisis, the Respect singer also let it slip she’s developing a line of food products.

According to Franklin, she’s working on several items, including chili, gumbo, baked chicken, and desserts.

Don’t expect Franklin to ask for any advice from LaBelle about how to launch a successful food line, though. When asked if she’d tried one of LaBelle’s popular pies, Franklin quipped: “No, I haven’t, but Ms. Patti’s gonna have to move that pie to the side!”


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  • Darkness901

    Good and healthy competition! These other companies better watch out. I’m dropping my money on the black businesses.

    Hopefully, this does create any negativity. I already know there will be someone out there that had a problem with this. I’d rather see two successful black women take over the food industry than bunch of other people that don’t give a crap about me.

  • Both women have the right to establish their own enterprises. Patti Labelle has inspired people with her sweet potato pie product. I love sweet potato pie too. Also, we should never get into the divide and conquer nonsense that has been advanced by evil people in society. Aretha Franklin is a talented Sister in her own right and she wants to establish her products too. We desire both women to experience much more success in the midst of these circumstances. The growth and the development of black enterprises is something that I support. Also, it is important to not just support our own. It is important to fight poverty and imperialism. Any revolutionary abhors poverty and imperialism. Liberation is about the total transformation of society, so the black poor, the black middle class, etc. can have economic and political empowerment to develop as a community and as a people internationally.

    • elsay

      Wasn’t Ms Patti’s product line launched by Walmart though?

    • That’s a great question Sister. I do believe that Ms. Patti created her product and Walmart has agreed to distribute her product in their stores.

  • Hello Sister Mary Burrell. I didn’t know that. That is why, especially in the times that we live in today, we should unite more as a people.

    • Mary Burrell

      I agree i just remember the Oprah show and Patti and Gladys and Aretha and Dionne Warwick were doing a cooking segment and there was some frostiness in the atmosphere there was no love among them.

    • It is certainly melancholy to witness that frostiness among so many legendary artists. Nothing is new under the sun. We all hope that during this time of 2016 that all of the Sisters have reconciled.

    • i mean

      As much as I enjoy Mrs. Franklin’s music, I am not a fan of the way she treats Mrs. Labelle. They both made a name for themselves when the options for Black women were so painfully limited. Going through a time like that together should’ve made them very close.

    • She can express different, more conciliatory words to Patti Labelle. That’s true. At the end of the day, we face the real enemies of poverty, discrimination, classism, and racial bigotry. Subsequently, we want any black person to achieve legitimate success in their endeavors and hopefully all of these Sisters can reconcile.

    • Mary Burrell

      Aretha is always rude to Patti.

  • Anonin

    Lol funny. I’m more of an Anita Baker person though.

  • Rizzo

    love both of them.