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#NoJusticeNoLeBron is the latest hashtag activism movement gaining traction on Twitter, but for as many tweeters as there are calling for Lebron James to sit out games until the cops involved in Tamir Rice’s killing are put behind bars, there’s a group of people asking what’s the point?

Naysayers aren’t asking that question out of a place of apathy, but more an understanding that the action being requested of Lebron does not lead to the desired outcome of justice for 12-year-old Tamir. Earlier this week, a Cleveland grand jury declined to prosecute the two police officers involved in the fatal November 2014 shooting of Tamir and Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty agreed with the decision. Upon hearing the news, the family of Tamir released a statement saying, “We renew our request that the Department of Justice step in to conduct a real investigation into this tragic shooting of a 12-year-old child,” and it’s on the basis of that request that fans are calling for Lebron to sit out all games until the DOJ does just that.

While that action from one of the greatest players on the court — an Ohio native no less who plays for the team of the city in which Tamir was killed — would no doubt be a powerful display of solidarity but that won’t put men behind bars and, quite frankly, it shouldn’t. The DOJ should open an investigation into Tamir’s death because a child was shot for playing with a toy gun, not because the Cleveland Cavaliers start losing games because their star player isn’t on the court and it’s a bad look for the NBA. Further, it’s a waste of time to petition Lebron to sit on the sidelines in the name of justice when he can’t even speak on the case — or won’t. Asked about the lack of indictment after a recent game, King James said:

“For me, I’ve always been a guy who’s took pride in knowledge of every situation that I’ve ever spoke on. And to be honest, I haven’t really been on top of this issue. So it’s hard for me to comment. I understand that any lives that [are] lost, what we want more than anything is prayer and the best for the family, for anyone. But for me to comment on the situation, I don’t have enough knowledge about it.”

And people expect this man to sit out games? I’m more disappointed in that response than the fact that he’ll lace up his sneakers for the next Cavs match-up.

The bottom line is no one should have to be persuaded into activism. If Lebron gave a damn about Tamir Rice’s killing he would’ve kept up on the case, he would’ve had the knowledge about it to comment on it when asked, and he’d be doing what he felt was right in response. There’s no sense chiding him for not sitting out games and putting the weight of justice solely on his back when that was actually the job of the grand jury which failed us all December 28, 2015. Now if you want to get into him being a part of the widely publicized #WeAreTrayvonMartin hoodie movement of 2012 but dropping the ball when he had a chance to stand up for Tamir Rice, that’s something to talk about.

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  • Noirluv45

    I do not believe LeBron should partake in a sit-out, but I also don’t believe that he has no knowledge of the Tamir Rice or the case. Tamir was a 12-year-old Black boy savagely murdered by a cretin who is called to protect and serve.. LeBron has sons, not that old, but still they are little Black boys. What’s more, LeBron lives and plays in Ohio. Come on now. If he doesn’t want to speak on the case, he has the right to remain silent, but to act as if he has no knowledge of it seems disingenuous.

    • Reina Benoir

      Doesn’t he live in Cleveland? I don’t believe him for a NY minute when he says he hasn’t been keeping up with this case. EVERYONE has been keeping up with it even people from far away from Cleveland. I think it’s a lie that he’s been paying more attention to what’s going on in San Bloody Bernadino than a murder that took place in his own backyard.

    • Some sad news is that Sister Dr. Frances Cress Welsing passed away today at the age of 80.

      RIP Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

    • Noirluv45

      Oh no, Truth! My heart just sank! That is such sad news. She was one of my sheroes. There have been so many loses, personally and externally. My former brother-in-law died today and the death of Natalie Cole. Thanks for telling me, Truth. I didn’t know. SMH.

    • I send prayers and condolences to you for your relative passing. This is a sorrow filled day. Also, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing was amazing and a great humanitarian. She was a hero indeed.

      God Bless You Sister.

    • Noirluv45

      Thank you, Truth! My gosh, this is a season of sorrow. Amen. Dr. Welsing was amazing. She will be missed.

      God bless you too, brother!

    • Chazz A

      Yes indeed brother. Dr Frances Cress Welsing’s work will live on within all of us that studied her work. Her book “The ISIS Papers” was and still is a powerful tool.

    • You’e correct Brother. Dr. Frances Crees Welsing knew of the psychology and the evil components of the system of white supremacy. Her recent interviews were prophetic when she talked about Trump, Washington, D.C., and other important issues. Her gift was that she showed love, grace, and compassion to black people while realizing that justice can only be achieved via the eradication of the system of racism/white supremacy. Her book inspired many people worldwide. She was a Black Queen in every sense of the word.

    • Chazz A

      Exactly and we need to take her gift of knowledge and pass it on to our youth in the tradition of the African proverb,
      “each one teach one”.

    • That point is very accurate. The youth represents the future, so we have to pass on her wisdom to the future.

    • trueletterson*[email protected]

      I read Dr. Frances Crees Welsing book “The ISIS Papers” 25 years ago and saw her in Washington back in June, she spoke two night in a row but I could tell she was failing but she was still strong, last week she was on Carl Nelson show so this was a surprise to us but May She Rest In Peace. From this time forward I am going to honor her by by putting forth a effort to following the advice she give to us, she would always end reciting Neely Fuller Jr. Ten Basic Stops That Victims of Racism Should Practice In Speech and/or Action

      Ten Basic Stops That Victims of Racism Should Practice In Speech and/or Action

      1. Stop Snitching
      2. Stop Name-Calling
      3. Stop Cursing
      4. Stop Gossiping
      5. Stop Being Discourteous
      6. Stop Stealing
      7. Stop Robbing
      8. Stop Fighting
      9. Stop Killing
      10. Stop Squabbling

    • Chazz A

      Yes, I also had the opportunity to attend one of her lectures about 5 yrs ago and it was very educational and informative. I’ve been tuning in to Carl Nelson for yrs and it was always great when she was guest on the show.
      He has some heavy hitters on his show that other black talk shows don’t, such as Neely Fuller.
      The Ten Basic Stops should be used as the blueprint for us, collectively, to move forward beyond the pit of negativity that most of us dwell within and I thank you for posting them.

    • trueletterson*[email protected]

      thank you however I have been trying to follow “The Ten Basic Stops” but I am a work in progress LOL…hopefully I will get their. more power to you.

    • Chazz A

      Yes that goes for me as well, no doubt lol

  • Noirluv45

    “If Lebron gave a damn about Tamir Rice’s killing he would’ve kept up on the case…” just like he did with Trayvon Martin. I’m glad you brought that up, Clutch.

  • The death of Tamir Rice was a tragedy. People worldwide knew about it and understood it. Right now, white racist trolls on the Internet are slandering Tamir Rice and even his mother. So, we know how vicious police brutality, racism, and token respectability politics are in the world. Lebron James made a voluntary decision to not sit out. That is his right. Yet, it is odd that he is from Ohio and he said that he didn’t keep up with the Tamir Rice situation. I wish he could at least make a public statement to condemn the epidemic of police brutality in general. Yet, we know who is responsible for this tragedy. It isn’t Lebron James (who is one of the greatest basketball players in history). It isn’t every black poor person. The person responsible for the death of Tamir Rice is the murdering cop who murdered a child. The grand jury refused to indict people, because they are more concerned with the status quo than real justice for all. We are opposed to the nefarious system of racism/white supremacy.

    We should have more unity among the working class and the poor among our black community (as Black Unity is very righteous) in setting up strategies in building more political including economic power in our communities, counteracting gentrification, standing up for economic rights (as we need not only stronger families, but living wages for humanity, health care, and a clean environment) , opposing police brutality, and strengthening our families including our infrastructure in general. A solution will be many things not just one thing. We will not be silent. We will speak up for revolutionary change and be involved social activism.

  • vintage3000

    At this point people are so frustrated because of the lack of justice, many are lashing out with irrelevant tactics like this hashtag. Everyone gets the strategy here is to call attention to this case by having a mega athlete like LeBron make a stand. But the only way to make evil white people behave like humans is to hurt them financially, and the only way to financially hurt white folks regarding police brutality is if the umpteen millions of dollars paid to the families of police brutality victims every year comes from police pensions, and that is never going to happen. We have learned we can’t depend on police, the feds or even the DOJ which is led by a black female, so in a sense this is like the civil rights movement on another level. I read earlier today the DOJ is investigating an ice cream company about a food poisoning outbreak concerning their product, meanwhile Black families have to beg and petition this agency to investigate the murders of their loved ones, some even caught on video.

    btw looks like Jim Brown is also on the respectability politics train in this video. I wish the host would have asked him what does crime in Black communities have to do with a white cop murdering a 12 year old Black child who was carrying a toy gun in an open carry state. Not to mention the murdering cop was previously reported to be unfit to be a LEO, guess none of that matters because blackonblackcrimeblackonblackcrimeblackonblackcrime etc. I am so tired of this shit.

    • The sad thing is that the DOJ has refused to indict these crooked cops in a mass scale. It is revolting to hear how a police union leader in Miami named Ortiz slandering Tamir Rice. It’s a disgrace. I can use a lot of other language describing the police institution, and we know what that language is. Yet, we know what they are made up. We know how some of those cops have worked in drug trafficking, theft, corporate corruption, etc. as documented by enumerable cases, books, etc. The system has proven itself untrustworthy to black people.

    • vintage3000

      Somebody named Ortiz has no business slandering anyone because of their skin color, and it’s infuriating because now the tactic is to pretend this isn’t about violent racism. Police union leaders continuously prove themselves to be the slimiest thugs around. Those 2 cops even violently arrested Tamir’s 14 year old sister who was crying hysterically, which they later said was the reason they didn’t have time to call for medical help for her dying brother.

      If there has to be twitter activism, I think it should be tweeting the photos of these murdering cops over and over. I don’t even know what the cops who killed Tamir, Sandra, and all the rest look like but the photos of our people are seared into our memories (as they should be). But let’s out the murderers, we know they don’t have shame but their victims didn’t leave this life on their own. Let these cops enjoy their pensions while every freaking body knows what they look like for the rest of their miserable lives.

    • You made a great point about pensions. Stripping pensions of these brutes is a great action to do. Tamir Rice’s mother has shown amazing courage and grace. That union leader’s name is Lt. Javier Ortiz. You can Google what he said about Tamir Rice. It was disgusting. We know about the studies that show anti-black biases that many cops and others have. Black people are considered by some in negative terms. Indeed, the cops tackled Tamir Rice’s sister. Falsely blaming a grieving Sister for medical care is the height of cowardly behavior on the part of the police.

      These crooked punkish cops have no shame. Even after Eric Garner died, some of the NYPD acted in outright insurrection and mutiny against the Mayor of NYC. Patrick Lynch said that de Blasio had blood on his hands, which was false. Tweeting the images of the murdering cops is fine with me. People should know who these murderers are. I feel bad for the families of the victims of police terror. They are super resilient, strong human beings.

    • vintage3000

      I can’t even google what that tio tomas fixed his crooked mouth to spew out, it will piss me off too much. He is not even in Ohio, so who told him to add his two cents? Probably white Cuban and thinks he is anglo, they are notorious for that.

      The behavior of Lynch and those cops was vile. They know very well how they target Black people, they are only angry because mayor DeBlasio told it like it is. Plus I will never understand why so many whites who are not even cops get spitting mad when this kind of institutional racism is merely acknowledged, they will deny it like their lives depend on it. They will turn red in the face, get angry like rabid beasts and still won’t explain how whites can point guns at cops/go on shooting rampages/car chases/etc. and not get shot to death.

      And yes, I do not know where the families of police terror find their strength from and I am sure they are tired of having to be strong.

    • Yes, there are tons of stories where white people have threaten the police with loaded weapons (like Houseman), are involved in high speed chases, and involved in other actions, but cops don’t immediately kill them. Some people want to be vile and ignore the situation of institutional racism, classism, misogynoir, etc. which exist in the world. Many non-blacks do think that they are Anglo when they spew racist garbage.

      Lynch is totally wrong for his actions. In NYC and in other places nationwide, there have always been problems with racial profiling, homeless people being exploited, and police occupation of communities. De Blasio is the new mayor and even his accurate statement about Eric Garner has caused the far right crowd to be in some frenzy. It is truly unfathomable to see why many people can’t stand even the word racism to be discussed in a discourse about this issue. In order for us to overcome, we have to talk about racism, classism, and other important issues.

      The victims’ families are certainly tired of seeing this tyranny. It is very emotional for the families. We pray for them and their courage will be recognized and they inspire us to carry on. They are the heroes.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      How about the AFP and ABC calling those arson-loving at the wildlife refuge terrorists ‘peaceful protests’? At least they got an earful for it. You take over a federal building, armed, and threaten violence if your demands are not met doesn’t even make you a militia (as militias are government sanctioned), it makes you a headcase and a terrorist. They’re mad repeat offenders are being made to serve out their minimum sentence, well, let’s see how supportive they are when people start another fire that engulfs their homes. These nits think they’re above the law. Everyone else has to pay to grazing land, but we don’t, everyone else is prohibited from hunting on a federal wildlife preserve, but we’re not, everyone else has to stop themselves from committing arson, repeatedly, but we don’t, everyone else has to abide by the dictates of due process, but we don’t.

      These ‘real men’ who say they’re prepared to fight and die are the same cowards who used women and children and human shields during the last hissy fit, but I guess it’s different this time because they’ve got a generator. They know no one’s going to shoot them, so they can posture all they want. And how is it that they have time to commit to this ‘for years’ if they have to? Don’t any of those people have jobs, or schoolwork? Are they too sick to do these things? Someone get them their medicine, then. How are they supporting themselves? You know, A LOT of people in Oregon are on welfare and when your capital city is only 2% black… you know?

    • Certainly, these white far right extremist groups are truly abysmally nefarious. They exploit the Constitution as an excuse to justify their actions of belligerence and violating federal law. They lecture people on looting and the law, but they overtly violate the law when they don’t get their own way. Arsonists claiming to be revolutionaries are just plain liars. They may consider themselves as above the law, but their actions make them below common decency. They want to use themselves in this incident in Oregon as an excuse for them to express the cause of anarchy and a bashing of the social safety net. hey want to advance a white supremacist agenda under the guise of “liberty” and “individual rights.” Yes, Oregon has a very small percentage of black people who live in the state.

      ABC and AFP should feel shame for calling these reactionary militias as “peaceful protesters.” They abhor anything that deals with federal power even if it is related to federal wildlife protection zones or other positive actions from the federal government. These white racists hypocritically talk about personal responsibility, but they want to escape personal responsibility if they won’t have their own way.

    • vintage3000

      or even Truth, since so many white people are always whining about somebody living “on my dime”, maybe someone could publicly post how much money taxpayers pay every year for these civil lawsuits in every city where it occurs. It makes no sense that Eric Garner’s family can win millions of dollars in a wrongful death suit, but his murderer was found to not be at fault-sigh. If these cop genuflecting bigots can always be worried about paying for mythical hordes of colored welfare recipients, maybe they should see actual dollar amounts of how their taxes are paying for these lawsuits brought on by trigger happy white cops who will still collect their salaries and pensions.

    • Transparency is always important Sister. They always talk about money and debt all of the time (when they are the ones who receive most of the corporate welfare in the States). Laws have to be changed since many of these current laws allow a massive permissiveness on how cops behave. Allowing the public to see how much money civil lawsuits account for these instances can show the world how police brutality is not only immoral, but it deals with lives being changed forever. There are millions of dollars in civil lawsuit money given to victims in the 21st century alone. It is a total shame that we have to be told the “talk” by our parents when we were really young about how we interact with the police.

    • Eyes Wide Shut

      Yes, transparency is vital – transparency of what these racist beasts look like and more importantly, where they live. Tweet that and make it go viral! Tweet their every movement. If they cross the border, tweet that too. Redistribute the pain….

    • Right on. You’re absolutely correct.

    • It has been a great discussion with you Sister.

      Bless you like always.

      RIP Tamir Rice

      RIP Sandra Bland

    • vintage3000

      Thank you Truth, Bless you as well. You bring much needed clarity to this site.

    • You’re Welcome Sister.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      For sure.

      The problem with hitting them in their pensions is that it wouldn’t accomplish anything. Police pensions are benefits, they don’t contribute to them themselves, the taxpayers pay for them. Charging it to the taxpayer and taking it from the pensions is the same thing.

      When people get fired they aren’t made to reimburse anyone for their benefits package, so I don’t know how we could realistically strip them of their benefits without a whole lot of legislation that would never happen.

    • vintage3000

      Thank you for correcting me, I didn’t know that.