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According to The Hollywood Reporter, FOX has handed out a pilot order to the hour-long baseball drama Pitch, starring Kylie Bunbury as the lead (Twisted, Under The Dome). Helmed by Producer Dan Fogelman and Comedy Writer Rick Singer, Pitch centers around a young female pitcher who defies the odds when she becomes the first woman to play in the major leagues. Fox is already home to postseason Major League Baseball (All Star Game, One League Championship Series, The World Series) so it’s not surprising that they would want to expand on their existing lineup.

The drama order comes after 14-year-old Pitcher Mo’Ne Davis made history last year by becoming the first girl to win a Little League World Series game. A Disney Channel biopic followed shortly thereafter along with an invitation to join the Harlem Globetrotters after she graduates college.

If this gets the final green light, will you be watching?

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  • I wish the best for Sister Kylie Bunbury. I have no problem watching it out of curiosity and seeing what it will entail.

  • LogicalLeopard

    Sounds fun! I like baseball, and the story seems interesting. I remember hearing a while back about women in baseball, which I believed wondered how many women would be effective in baseball if they weren’t steered away into softball. I wonder if this will get into those issues. And I wonder what team she’s playing for? Maybe my Cleveland Indians *L*