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Actress Aunjanue Ellis has been outspoken about the confederate flag in her home state of Mississippi and during Friday’s NAACP Image Awards, she made a bold fashion statement.

Ellis wore a white dress emblazoned with the phrase “Take It Down Mississippi,” a reference to ongoing debate over the state flag, the remaining state to incorporate the flag since South Carolina removed theirs.

In 2015, Ellis wrote in a Times article about the flag and hate it symbolizes. “The sum total of this state is not that flag,” she wrote.

“In a few years, when the civil rights museum is open in Jackson, I want to take my family there. When they ask about the flag of the KKK that is in photo after photo of violence against black bodies, I want to tell them what it is and what it should be: a relic. But before we walk in, I want them to look up and see a flag hoisted on the pole outside, the new Mississippi flag, a beautiful, proud one representative not just of heritage but of future, one in which we all can imagine for the state we love.”

A local chapter of the NAACP in Mississippi is also calling for the removal of the flag.

“Do the right thing,” Jackson County NAACP Director Curley Clark said, according to The Mississippi Press. “Do what needs to be done in order to portray the image that you most often speak of which is, ‘One Mississippi.’ You can not have this divisive symbol that divides us.

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  • The great actress Aunjanue Ellis is right. The Confederate emblem on the Mississippi flag should go down. The Confederate flag is divisive, hateful, and it has been used by evil people who wanted to preserve slavery over 150 years ago. Over 150 years ago, men and women fought in a constant struggle for the soul of America. When it is all said in done, the South lost in that bloody configuration. Today, after Reconstruction, after Plessy v. Ferguson, and after Jim Crow, we are still in the struggle for liberation. Yet, God is still here and the truth will always persist despite the words from historical revisionists and other bigots. So, we want our future generations to see the Confederate flag condemned as an image of hate and we will not back down. We will continue to stand for our human rights as black people.

    Bless Sister Aunjanue Ellis

  • Mico

    Beautiful and powerful message.