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If there’s a good thing that came out of the Oscars, the Girl Scouts are reaping the benefits of it. Rock used the opportunity to help his daughter and fellow Girl Scouts out by selling some cookies during the show.

What better way to shame the rich? Make them buy cookies!

Rock was collecting money for his daughters Zahra Savannah and Lola Simone Rock, who were representing the Greater Los Angeles troop, even name-dropped his cookie competitor.

“It would mean so much to my two little girls if we could beat Linda Dunn,” he said.


“Leo, you made $30 million!” Rock said. “Come on let’s get this money.”

Oscar nominee Kate Winslet enjoyed some of the popular treats.

“Though it is an honor to even be nominated for an Oscar, we believe it is a greater privilege to be selling Girls Scout Cookies during the show,” the Girl Scouts of the USA said in a statement.

And considering Rock’s daughters only made $600 last year, we’re just going to go out on a limb and assume they won their region this year.

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