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Toni Morrison turned 85-years-old today and Morrison is clearly a part black history and literary history. She’s the living embodiment of what many writers strive for. When it came to her book, The Bluest Eye, Morrison said she wrote it because it was what she wanted to read.

Throughout her literary career, Morrison has been honored with the American Book Award, a Nobel Prize, and Congressional Medal of Honor. How about that for a single mother?

“I didn’t want to be a writer as a young person,” she said in 1998. “I was quite happy to be a reader. And I do not remember my life, literally, before I could read. I didn’t come to life as a writer until I was in my 30s.”

Those closest to Morrison, will refer to her as her birth name “Chloe”. And it’s Chloe who writes the books, Morrison once said.

As Morrison trends on social media, people have been sharing their favorite quotes and quips:

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