Over the years Twitter has been an amazing tool to connect with others, organize movements like #BlackLivesMatter, and have a little fun. But often times, the site also has a dark side, especially for women.

On Friday, Twitter user @EricaaRaynee learned just how terrible some people on the social network can be after she shared a picture of her first black eye.

While the majority of people chimed in to offer support and call Erica’s attacker a coward, “lame AF,” and a punk, unfortunately several men decided to use her experience as an opportunity to show the world how terrible they really are.

Some of the men accused Erica of lying.

One guy said he needed the attacker’s take.

Others took the far too predictable route of blaming Erica for her attack.

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And then there was this:

I guess he didn’t hear about the Pittsburgh woman who was shot and killed last month for turning down a man’s advances, or the countless other women who’ve been harassed and attacked for doing the same.

While there have been some folks questioning Erica’s version of events, the responses from men either accusing her of asking to be hit or arguing that things like this never actually happen is downright frightening.

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  • CayaK

    Sometimes I think black women are on their own out there.

    • Adebisi’s Hat

      Truer words were never spoken, Sis.

  • Lakitha Goss

    Some men are ignorant. Every woman is not obligated to give her attention to a man just because he is interested. A woman’s attention is a privilege not an entitlement.

  • Darkness901

    Men need to get it together! Plain and simple.

    As a man, I am disgusted by this. I don’t care if the story is true or not or whose fault it is. No one should put their hands on a person over some foolishness.

    We got to do better as men. Raise our kids up with good standards on how to treat a woman or any human being.

    There is no reason for having to wait on women to tell us to get our act together.

  • Jcole132

    I’m so tired….