Women have long felt the wrath of the menstrual cramp. Whether you experience mild yet still annoying discomfort for a few days or pain rolls in and literally knocks you down to the ground before you can say, “Pass the Motrin,” menstrual cramps are difficult to deal with. Where over the counter medications fail, apparently marijuana excels. Foria Relief is a suppository you place into your vagina that relieves the pain without getting you high. It’s made of organic cocoa butter, CBD (which tackles inflammation and muscle spasms, and THC (which is the psychoactive component of cannabis that helps to treat pain). Foria Relief is said to help you relax while taking care of back pain and diminishing anxiety. The process takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

The suppositories can be used at the same time that a tampon is inserted, but painkillers should not be paired with the product unless your doctor says it’s okay. But don’t get too geeked up ladies. So far, Foria Relief is only available in California and Colorado dispensaries, and while they have people talking, and have good reviews, they are leaving doctors pretty skeptical. Dr. Lauren Streicher of Northwestern University and author of Sex Rx told Women’s Health. “There simply aren’t any studies that show this product does what it claims to do.” Not yet at least. Therefore, she’s not recommending that women flock to use it.

Are your menstrual cramps debilitating enough for you to ever consider a product like this?

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