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No matter how many times we say it, some folks can’t stop spreading the lie that Black folks don’t care about so-called “Black on Black crime.” While “Black on Black crime” isn’t actually a thing either–the majority of homicides are intraracial–critics of the Black Lives Matter movement enjoy trotting out the tired, debunked myth whenever there’s a tragic intraracial crime.

Saturday, a writer who goes by the borrowed moniker Sister Toldjah, took to Twitter to criticize #BlackLivesMatter leaders for not mentioning King Carter, a 6-year-old who was murdered in Florida.

Here’s the thing: Black folk have always cared about those slain in our communities. In fact, in hoods all over the country Black folks march, volunteer, patrol the streets, and mediate violence because we are often times the only people who care about what’s happening in our community.

While we could reiterate this for the folks in the cheap seats all day, Twitter user @Rodimusprime found a more hilarious way to call out the foolishness.

In #WhereWasBLM folks took to Twitter to hilariously point out the absurdness of expecting the movement to call attention to every, single, incidence of violence in America.

Take a look.


Need more? Check the #WhereWasBLM tag on Twitter.

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