WTVR/Freeman Family

WTVR/Freeman Family

“I think it’s a form of not being culturally aware, a form of stereotyping,” — Shawn Freeman

A family in Hopewell, V.A. removed their son from his school after administrators said his dreadlocks were no longer allowed.

Isaiah Freeman’s hair has been in locks since he was in 3rd grade, but now it seems to be an issue at the West End Christian School. The school said Isaiah’s hair was too long and violated school rules.

“I was a bit confused because my hair has been that way for so long,” Isaiah said

Shawn Freeman, Isaiah’s dad said they would pull his hair back in tie it down so it was never in his face. “I was thinking they would approve it and I can go to school as normal.”

West End Christian School principal Amy Griggs said they have the same rule for all of the other male students, but Shawn said  it was a cultural issue that needed to be addressed.

“As he gets older people are uncomfortable with him having dreadlocks and getting older and bigger. It’s an issue of people feeling uncomfortable with a young black male having dreadlocks and having a certain persona of negativity.”

According to the principal, the dress code is in the handbook students and parents have to sign. She also said she’s sad that the boy will not be returning to school because he’s an exemplary student.

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