K Michelle is dragging Angela Yee from here to Mississippi for remaining quiet while rappers Maino and Uncle Murda clowned her on air. The two visited The Breakfast Club earlier this week to discuss past and current beefs, upcoming movie roles and other important projects. Maino was describing the synergy between them when Uncle Murda added that Maino didn’t mind him talking about people.

Angela Yee responded by brining up the fact that Uncle Murda once said something about K Michelle to the effect of – her private parts not exactly smelling like roses. While everyone laughed it up, the rapper added that he’s heard the rumor from numerous people who have been up close and personal with the R&B singer.

When Maino tried to change the subject, Charlamagne wouldn’t allow it. Uncle Murda added insult to injury by reiterating what he’s heard from fellow rappers and noted that both he and Joe Budden would still seize the opportunity to lay down with the singer.

All Angela Yee did was call them nasty for saying they would still “hit it” despite the alleged odor.

K Michelle visited The Breakfast Club shortly thereafter to call out Angela for chuckling along with the men and bringing it up in the first place. “At then end of the day, I ain’t f*ckin wit you,” she told the radio show host.

Should Angela Yee have defended K Michelle in some form or fashion even though she was the one who brought it up? Is it her responsibility to police rappers when they said anything remotely disrespectful about a woman on air?

Listen to K Michelle’s angry response and let us know your thoughts below.


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