Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier are known for being the creative force behind Black&SexyTV, a successful indie production company that focuses on releasing quality content for young, Black audiences. The pair have made a name for themselves catering to their very engaged, very hungry fan base with shows like That Guy and Sexless, but now the real life couple is turning the cameras on themselves as they attempt patronize only Black-owned businesses in Los Angeles for 30 days.

While California isn’t exactly a bastion for Black businesses (or Black folks in general, who comprise about six percent of the state’s population), Dortch said the couple decided to challenge themselves to spend money with fellow Black folks because they are Black business owners themselves.

“We are a Black business and we always talk about what can we do,” he said in a teaser for the couple’s new series Buy Black For 30. “What we stand for is doing it for yourself and without other Black people supporting us we wouldn’t be here today, so why not do the same.”

According to the National Black Chamber of Commerce there are approximately 2 million Black-owned businesses in the U.S., with nearly half of those owned by Black women.

Despite the growing numbers of Black folks who start businesses every year, Black entrepreneurs face tremendous odds like securing funding that make it more difficult to stay afloat.

Through Buy Black for 30, Dortch and Perrier hope to inspire their viewers to support Black businesses, even if they have to do a little more research to find one.

Watch the first episode of Buy Black for 30 below. 

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