During Sunday night’s Democratic debate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders made a flub that rubbed many the wrong way. After the candidates were asked to point out their “racial blind spots,” Sanders gave an answer that sounded ripped straight out of “Good Times.”

“When you’re white you don’t know what’s it’s like to be living in a ghetto,” Sanders said. “You don’t know what it’s like to be poor.”

While the Senator was no-doubt attempting to make a point about economic and policing disparities between the races, his reliance on antiquated language (i.e. “the ghetto) and questionable facts (i.e. hinting that there are no poor white folks) caused many to pushback against his comments.

Despite Sanders’ statement that pretty much implies that only Black folks can relate to being poor or living in “the ghetto,” the majority of African Americans do not live below the poverty line.

Journalist Joy Reid quickly dismantled Sanders’ inartful words in three short tweets.

Senator Sanders has had tough time connecting with some Black voters who are unfamiliar with his record or feel his message is too radical. Add to that the fact that some of Sanders’ supporters are outright hostile and demeaning to voters of color who aren’t quite feeling the Bern, and the Vermont Senator will have a tough time convincing Black folks that he understands their concerns and is the best person to advocate on their behalf.


Sen. Sanders was asked about his “ghetto” remark earlier today, here’s what he said:


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