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Bronx rapper Cardi B. isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but we kinda love her. Her irreverent personality, hood wisdom, and openness about her struggle to try to make it is not only admirable, but also endearing.

If you’re a fan of Love & Hip Hop New York, then you already know Cardi B. is also known for her one-liners and keeping it all the way real with her costars, so it was kind of odd that Peter Gunz, the man who impregnated his wife and girlfriend at the same time, tried to shame Cardi B. of being a “ho.”

The whole thing happened during the Love & Hip Hop reunion show, when Cardi B. admitted that she once allowed a man she was dating to pay her rent for six months. Apparently, Peter Gunz wasn’t feeling her answer, because he accused Cardi B. of “hoing” in exchange for money.

The Bronx bombshell got him all the way straight, though, reminding the self-proclaimed Creep Squad member that he’s messed up not one, but multiple women’s lives because of his inability to strap up and wear a condom.

Take a look.

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