Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.24.07 AMAll hell broke loose during a KKK rally in California where three people were stabbed– one counter protestor literally impaled with the tip of a flagpole by a Klansman in Anaheim, California. A dozen people were arrested on Sunday after the brawl broke out between the KKK demonstrators and counter protestors, but five members of the Klu Klux Klan were released the following day. Why?

Daron Wyatt, the Anaheim police spokesman SGT explained,”It was pretty convincing that the KKK members were attacked violently. We had to do the right thing.”

Supposedly, the police determined that the Klan members were acting in self-defense after doing several interviews with witnesses and dissecting videos and photographs of the incident that has gone viral online and blamed the “regrettable incident” on “10-20 individuals who came to the park with the intent of perpetrating violence”. That’s right, members of a vicious terrorist hate group that murdered and terrorized countless black people all in the name of white supremacy somehow bare no responsibility for the perpetuation of violence.

After all, according to the APD, who talked about the planned KKK protest on its Facebook page:

“This group has held similar rallies throughout Orange County over the past few years. Members of the sponsoring group typically pass out literature and hold signs with messages, which while controversial, are protected by the First Amendment. APD will be monitoring the situation for any violations of law.”

Forget the hundreds of people who were killed by the KKK. The group just want to pass out feel good pamphlets about hating all people of color, which is protected by the First Amendment and according to the government, they have every right to.

And the white public sentiment? Well, that pretty much echoes the police agreeing that the KKK should have the right to rallies, despite its long history of radicalism, racism and violence:



The protection of white hate and hate speech comes directly from the US Supreme Court that protected a Ku Klux Klan member’s racist speech unless it created an “imminent danger” to others back in 1969. It has since been challenged on numerous occasion, but never successfully with bigots winning out against what America deems to be “political correctness.”

One just can’t imagine what would happen if any other terrorist group or individuals associated with one paraded down the street handing out flyers. What would a city in America look like if individuals marched down the street with ISIS flags and distributed anti-Christian, anti- white material. Certainly they wouldn’t walk away from any fights that ensued protected by this claim of “free speech.”

Alas, the reality of America and white supremacy. White hate is protected by law and people of color are forced to endure. This is not a matter of whether or not such acts are protected by the First Amendment, because we know that they are, however America has a longstanding history of providing cover for white racists by way of law and policy. The question then becomes, should rallies held by racist, terrorist hate groups and their speech be protected and since, well, evidently there really are no other groups in the history of the United States of America with the ugly backstory of murder and feigned supremacism, it should come as no surprise that the country is doing very little to stand in the way of those displays.

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