When the House of Representatives don’t have anything else on its schedule, it spends the day naming post offices. But there was one post office’s name that generated opposition. Rep. Alma Adams (D-N.C.), proposed that a post office in Winston-Salem, N.C., should be named after Maya Angelou.

Although the bill passed, there were 9 people who opposed it. Ironically, they didn’t oppose any of the other post office names.

The nine republicans who opposed it were: Mo Brooks (Ala.), Ken Buck (Colo.), Michael Burgess (Texas), Jeff Duncan (S.C.), Glenn Grothman (Wis.), Andy Harris (Md.), Thomas Massie (Ky.), Alex Mooney (W.V.) and Steven Palazzo (Ala.).

“I think people should investigate Maya Angelou a little bit, and I’ll suggest perhaps if you want to investigate a little bit further that perhaps you Google ‘Maya Angelou’ and look at other articles in places like the American Thinker or the American Spectator,” Grothman stated.

Brooks’ office also issued a statement and mention Angelou’s “communist” ties.

“While Maya Angelou did many good things in her life, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-5) did not believe it appropriate to name an American Post Office after a communist sympathizer and thereby honor a person who openly opposed America’s interest by supporting Fidel Castro and his regime of civil rights suppression, torture and murder of freedom-loving Cubans.”

Oh well, oppose all you want, but the post office will be named after Angelou.



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