Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office

Jason Wilton Wetzel attended a Donald Trump rally in Fayetteville last week, and made news after he was caught slapping a Nigerian student. But now Wetzel is all apologetic and wants to take East Carolina University student Adedayo Adeniyi out for lunch.

“I can’t believe I did that. It was me, but I’m not a hateful man. I just got caught up. When I saw the video all over the news of me doing that to that young man, I was just disgusted with myself,” Wetzel told the NY Daily News.

And get this. While Trump is calling the protesters “thugs,” the true thug is his supporter Wetzel who was arrested on charges of voter fraud in North Carolina.

“I have no criminal background,” Adeniyi told NY Daily News. “This man does. So please explain to me who the real thug is. A young black man who is a junior in college majoring in medical laboratory science and who also happens to hold many leadership positions there? Or is it this man, with a criminal background who attacked me for no reason?”

Tell this racist to go the hell on. No one wants his lunch.

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