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Former Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault has been a huge supporter and surrogate for Donald Trump, but when she refused to answer Don Lemon’s questions about her pal, he wasn’t having.

Lemon and Manigault got into a bit of a row after the CNN host asked his guests to comment the disrespectful jabs Trump has been taking at Senator Ted Cruz’s wife.

Last week, an anti-Trump political action group shared of the candidate’s wife in a bikini, a move the real estate mogul blamed on the Cruz camp. He later threatened to “spill the beans” about the Senator’s wife, and then re-shared a tweet comparing the two women.

When asked if she thought it was appropriate for Trump to criticize Cruz’s wife because of her looks, Manigault tried not to answer the question. Lemon, who’s known for pushing the envelope and never shying away from a fight, would not let her off the hook. When it became clear Manigault didn’t plan on responding to the question, Lemon told producers to cut her mic.

After taking a break, Lemon again tried to get Manigault to answer the question, and she again attempted to change the subject, this time to terrorism. After being pressed for an answer, Manigault finally said she didn’t blame Trump for “defending his wife.”


Hmmm….we wonder how much Omarosa is being paid?

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