Whoopi Goldberg has said some questionable things during her tenure on The View, but the Oscar-winning actress was super on point when she took former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson to task for his support of Donald Trump.

After asking Carson why he’d support a racist like Trump, the comedian WENT OFF on the surgeon, telling him, “You’re so much better than this!”

“I hate to ask this question, but you have aligned yourself with a man who has bashed women, made countless racist remarks. And you’re Ben Carson! Why would you align yourself with that?” Goldberg asked.

While Carson said he didn’t agree with everything Trump has said, he explained he’s looking at “the bigger picture.” The main thing? Carson likes that Trump will “take on Washington.”

“You have to look at the good and the bad,” Carson said.

“I’m sorry. He’s a racist, and he’s not good for the country. And I’m sorry, I just don’t understand,” Goldberg said.

Joy Behar also jumped into the action, asking Carson how he could overlook the personal attacks Trump levied against him during the primaries.

“If you’re going to overlook the things he says about women, and you’re going to overlook the things he said about African-Americans, what about the things he said about you?” Behar asked. “He even compared you to a child molester … Unless you say you’re a child molester, he’s a liar.”

Carson didn’t really have a comeback, but reiterated his support for Trump. However, the whole thing made for pretty interesting, pretty explosive TV.

Take a look.

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