Hair Tales

The Hair Tales

Culture critic Michaela Angela Davis is getting to the bottom of some of the most interesting hair stories from your favorite black celebrity women. Coining the series as ‘the vagina monologues for black hair’, the collection gives viewers a front row ticket to black women’s love hate relationship with their tresses by inviting Mara Brock Akil, Tasha Smith, Regina King and more to share their stories with the world.

Like many of us, Michaela says she’s been obsessed with her hair her whole life. “Partly because people were obsessed with my hair my whole life – the otherness of it, Davis told Refinery29. “It was kinky, yet it was blonde; it caused both admiration and confusion. Doing The Hair Tales was mostly about love. I love Black hair and I love our stories.”

There will never be enough insight on the topic of black hair and we’re excited to see what The Hair Tales has to offer.

In episode one of the series, Actress Tasha Smith says, ““One thing about Black girl hair that I don’t think we always appreciate is that it’s strong; it’s strong! I used to think coarse hair was a negative thing… but no, I’ve grown to really love my hair and the strength within what I used to think was nappy hair when really it’s just strong hair that can endure anything.”

The Hair Tales will run throughout March in honor of Women’s History Month and begins with Tasha Smith.

Check it out below:


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