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I’m not sure why prom proposals are a thing, but lately they’ve been getting very creative. From using your school’s marching band to spruce up the ask to organizing a flash mob to pop the question, prom proposals have gone way beyond just calling up your boo and asking them to go to the big dance.

But when do they cross the line from cute to downright creepy?

That’s the question after gossip site the Shade Room posted a picture of a questionable prom proposals to its Instagram page.

While we couldn’t locate the details, the young man apparently asked his brown-skinned date to the prom using a KFC themed idea. Along with a sign that read “I like dark meat,” the young man crowned his date with a paper crown made from a bucket of chicken.

Now…in addition to the antiquated stereotypes about Black people and fried chicken, referring to your date as “meat,” let alone “dark meat,” is just straight up dehumanizing.

Listen, I get it. This kid was trying to be romantic and creative and probably didn’t know his prom proposal was racially offensive, but adding a side of sexism was also a terrible idea.

While this young lady appears to have agreed to go to the prom, saying you like “dark meat” is right up there with “I like chocolate” and “You’re so pretty for a Black girl,” as things white guys should never ever say when asking a Black girl out.

Here’s a tip for the fellas: Black women–like all women–like when a man is respectful, cute, and not at all creepy. When in doubt, leave the tired lines and racially charged rhetoric alone and just be yourself. Cool?

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