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Why isn’t Evelyn from the Internets more famous? That’s the question every time I watch one of her hilarious yet poignant videos. This time, Ev is back to give her thoughts on Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” and of course, she’s on point.

Like many Bey fans (and even some haters) “Lemonade” was an amazing work of art that made us think about relationships, Black women’s pain and beauty, and of course, love.

While many have speculated that the visual album is full of tea about the Knowles-Carter marriage, others view it as a larger meditation on commitment, love, betrayal, and redemption.

Whatever you think “Lemonade” is actually about, it’s hard to discount its artistic excellence, something Evelyn adeptly points out in her awesome review.

Take a look, and get your entire life.

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