It’s been a few months since Nate Parker had audiences standing on their feet at this year’s Sundance Film Festival where his Nat Turner biopic the Birth of A Nation premiered.

Parker risked it all to bring Turner’s story to life, turning down acting gigs and investing his own money to make the film. And it paid off. After inciting a bidding war, and earning a record-breaking $17.5 million deal, audiences are now getting their first look at the film that will surely be in Oscar contention next year.

The gripping trailer captures the haunting, and casual brutalness of slavery. A Black child with a leash around her neck, other enslaved folks on the verge of being lynched, and Parker’s powerful monologue about God and rebellion. If that weren’t enough, the visuals flow over Nina Simone’s rendition of  “Strange Fruit,” which is almost too much to bear.

The Birth of a Nation will land in theaters this October, and we cannot wait.

Take a look at the first teaser trailer below.

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