Ah Snapchat. The app to turn to when you want to don an instant flower halo, opt in for huge purple bug eyes; it’s also where you go when you’re curious to see what you in panda form, would look like. The most popular social network among most folk is under fire today for their latest release, a Bob Marly filter. This one adds a hat and dreadlocks while making your skin brown and many think it’s offensive and racist, referring to it as digital blackfacing while others are just as upset about the day on which it was released, 4/20. If you’re unfamiliar, 4/20 is the day weed smoking individuals smoke more than usual in celebration of their love and appreciation for cannabis.

Stacy Marie Ishamel of BuzzFeedNews questioned where the actual Jamaicans were in the decision making.

Toni Macaroni was retweeted over a thousand times after expressing the fact that Snapchat reduced Bob Marley to a stoner.

Another user pointed out that some of Snapchat’s face altering filters in general are a problem, including a few that lighten your skin.

A spokesperson for Snapchat told Mashable that the Marley lens was created in partnership with the Marley estate and is meant to honor the late singer.

What are your thoughts on Snapchat’s latest release? Does blackface meet stereotype here or should we all just be laughing?

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