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As the country’s first African-American First Lady, Michelle Obama has been a model of poise, intelligence and style. Across the country, public schools are solidifying her legacy by naming themselves after her.

Michelle Obama Elementary in Panorama City, California is a K through 5 school in the LA district serving a largely Hispanic student body. It opened in 2012 and was formerly known as Valley Region Elementary.

Barack and Michelle Obama Learning Elementary is a K through 5 school located in St Paul Minnesota that includes African-American studies in its curriculum. The school board voted for the name change just 100 days into President Obama’s first term.

Michelle Obama School Of Technology And The Arts serves grades 4 through 8 in the predominantly black south Chicago suburb of Park Forest. The previous name was Forest Trail School.

“The Obama name was selected… because the values that the First Family models are unparalleled precedents and are values that our students strive to emulate.” said district superintendent Joyce Carmine.

This is definitely history in the making. We’re sure we’ll be seeing more institutions aligning themselves with the FLOTUS name.

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