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Melonie Wright had tons of obstacles set up against her when she was younger. As a child in school, she was considered a special education student. Then in her adult life, she was faced with getting pregnant at a young age, and was also homeless. But that didn’t stop Melonie from achieving her goals.

Next month, Melonie will graduate from Emory University Law School!

I graduate from law school one month from today. It's a big deal to me- I started my education in a special Ed classroom, where my teachers told my parents I would always need extra help. I went on to do very well in school on through graduating with highest honors in high school and college. College was marked by a terrible relationship, incidents of domestic violence, homelessness, and pregnancy with my little girl. Law school had its struggles, with literally cents in my acct at times, paying my daughter's medical bills when GA erroneously denied us assistance, and becoming a DIY queen because we had no choice. Relationships grew, and some withered, and sometimes people volunteer their opinions about me when I don't ask them to. If my life means anything, it means that God is alive and He is walking with my imperfect, broken, messed up past self. He took my brokenness and exchanged it for His peace. He told me to do this, and He never failed me or my daughter. He is my Redeemer, and I will love Him and serve Him for rest of my life. Just because He calls you, doesn't mean the journey won't be hard- it just means you'll have to depend on Him every step of the way. And if you falter, He'll correct you and keep you. #JurisDoctorateCandidateNoMore #30DaysOut

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Congrats to Melonie! Once again proving #BlackGirlsRock and we’re all magical, talented and determined.


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