Caitlyn Jenner is a media darling and I can’t figure out why.

Sure, when she first emerged publicly, her story of transitioning from beloved Olympian, husband, and father to trans woman was extremely compelling, but since then, Jenner has yet to do anything to advance the cause of the LGBTQ community.

Unlike folks like Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, or Valerie Spencer, Jenner has done little to speak out for the trans community and has instead followed the lead of her media-loving Kardashian-Jenner clan and promoted herself (and even talked up her love for anti-trans people like Ted Cruz) .

Now, it looks like Jenner is continuing her media blitz. According multiple media outlets, the former athlete will pose nude for the cover of Sports Illustrated, draped in her gold medals from the 1976 Olympics.

While we commend Jenner for living her truth, we’re tired of seeing her in the media.

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