Last award season, everyone was focused on how the Oscars were so white. From people boycotting the show, to the neverending hashtag fame some people derived from it, it proved that the Oscars could learn a thing or two about diversity and inclusion. And the people behind the Tony Awards are just the right ones to teach them.

This year’s Tony Award nominations are astounding. From Hamilton’s record breaking nominations, to black women being nominated in almost every major category, the Tony’s have proved once again, Broadway has been diverse for quite some time.

#TonysSoBlack? No, it’s far bigger than that. Where Hollywood has dropped the ball when it comes to diversity, Broadway has been embracing it.


Now, one glance at the pie chart above still shows 60% of the noms went to white actors, but that’s definitely better than the Oscars when it comes to their, what, 99.9%?

Maybe more minority actors should make the exodus from Hollywood and head to Broadway? At least they’ll get recognized for their craft.


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