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NG Trends posted an advice column article titled “My Girlfriend Donated a Kidney to Me But I’m Not in Love Anymore. What Do I Do?” and now all of Twitter is offering up their opinions and to no one’s surprise, memes.

A reader wrote in to the site’s advice column to say he had been with his SO for five years and she even donated a kidney to him but he feels like the relationship is fizzling.

“I feel like staying together is the right thing to do even if I’m not in love anymore. I’ll never be able to pay her back. I’m so torn and conflicted and feel like I have to make an impossible choice.”

“If I stay with her, I’ll always feel trapped and in a loveless relationship. If I break up with her, I’ll forever feel like an evil person for dumping someone who literally put their life on the line for me,” he wrote.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Would you donate a kidney to a significant other?

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