An Airbnb host in North Carolina cancelled on an investment banker after realizing she was black and then attacked her with racial and sexist slurs. Screenshots of the disturbing conversation sent to Bossip show host Todd Warner accepting the reservation of an investment banker in need of temporary housing in Charlotte and then hours later, rejecting it, citing her race as his reason for canceling. A friend of the woman, Shani Taylor, posted some of the conversation to Twitter.

“I hate n*ggers so I’m going to cancel you,” Warner wrote. “This is the south darline. Find another place to rest your n*gger head.”

He added that he “wanted to f*ck” the woman’s “white friend.”

After threatening to report Warner to Airbnb, the woman explained that she was an investment banker with an MBA.

“So watch out,” she warned. “I might just buy the apartment/house next to you, and watch you squirm, you piece of shit.”

Warner fired back that he had retired with $22 million at the age of 44 because he was “not N*GGER like with my spending.”

“Have 80 babies that you can’t afford,” he wrote.

Airbnb responded on Tuesday, saying that they had contacted the host. In recent month, the company has been under serious fire after dozens of African American users came forward to report being discriminated against by racist hosts.

Last year, the company defended itself after a Harvard study found that renters whose names sounded African-American were more likely to be rejected by Airbnb hosts.

“Airbnb is one of the most open, trusted, diverse, transparent communities in the world,” a spokesperson insisted to Bloomberg at the time. “We respond quickly to any concerns raised by hosts or guests, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination on our platform.”

Clearly this will be a long and winding road for Airbnb and they have their work cuz out for them as the cases only seem to be getting worse. What are your thoughts on this latest case of disgusting racism?

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