Bill Cosby and his attorneys are adamantly trying to get his Pennsylvania sexual assault case dismissed.

In a new motion on Thursday, Cosby’s attorney says there is not enough evidence to go to trial and the current evidence is here say.

Cosby’s attorneys said that Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele unfairly “insisted on shielding” alleged victim Andrea Constand from taking the witness stand and facing a possibly fierce cross-examination at the critical hearing.

“Over Mr. Cosby’s objection, the commonwealth relied exclusively on hearsay evidence from his accuser,” the filing signed by attorney Brian J. McMonagle said.

“The commonwealth failed to provide any justification for Ms. Constand’s absence, much less sufficient good cause to overcome Mr. Cosby’s due process rights to cross examine her,” the motion stated..

Cosby’s filing is seeking an order dismissing all charges or a new preliminary hearing at which Cosby would be “permitted to confront” Constand, his lawyers said in a subsequent media statement Wednesday.

“We look forward to the court righting this wrong by providing the relief requested,” the statement said.

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